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How to Stay Safe on a Date?

Feb 27,2023

The advent of digitalization and the Covid-19 pandemic has changed a multitude of things, including dating in the modern day. The arrival of dating applications has vastly modified how relationships develop and mature nowadays. Certainly, gawking at a person’s side profiles does not give us much information about the way they might be in real life. 

According to Pew Research Center, almost 47% of all Americans say dating is harder today than it was 10 years ago. One of the reasons that have made relationships tough is the risk involved in starting a casual or committed bond. A significant 21% of women feel dating has become risky as there are chances of physical danger. Furthermore, statistics also reveal that more than half (57%) of women and 35% of men say they have experienced some kind of harassing behavior from someone they were dating or had been on a date with. 

In such difficult circumstances, should we say that we should stay away from relationships? Certainly not! It is instead important to stay safe while you are on a date. This article will discuss a few things you can keep in mind whenever you are on a date. 

1. Crowd is Better

No matter how unromantic a boisterous place might appear to you, it will be much safer than a quiet and isolated space. When you are going on a date, ensure that you are familiar with the place, have enough money, and know the way back to your home. At a known place people will recognize you. And if you experience some danger heading your way, you can always ask for help and stay safe. Also, chilling in a familiar space is always comfier, and you can show your fun side to your date. 

2. Don't trust them way TOO soon

A charming personality is not enough to trust blindly. You must be cautious before doing that. Everyone pretends on the first date. But trusting them by swiping through social media pictures and being out on a couple of dates might not be a safe choice. Make an effort to get to know them first. Googling them or going through their social media can be helpful, but don't completely rely on it. Don't ignore the small details like a disrespectful comment on someone's profile or weird accounts in their friend list. 

3. Let someone know about your date 

It would be safer to let at least one person know about your date to avoid any mishap. Provide them with all the specifics, like the person you are going out with, location of the date, and your return time. It would be much better if you stay in contact with this person by texting or calling them within a couple of hours so that they know that you are safe.

4. Set important boundaries (with yourself) 

Often times, when the date is going well, and we are content with the person, we avoid the safety measures, believing that nothing will go wrong. However, these are the moments that require care. Set boundaries with yourself to avoid doing anything that can be dangerous. Limit your alcohol, and don't ever say yes to any form of the drug. Losing control over yourself can make you vulnerable, increasing your risk of experiencing harassing behavior. Also, it is indispensable to keep an eye on your drink. Never leave it unattended for anyone to add something to it. If you find something suspicious, leave your drink or order something new. 

5. Don't ignore the red flags 

A single red flag is enough for you to leave instead of waiting there, and feeling uncomfortable and unsafe. We often ignore the most visible indications, thinking we might come off rude or mannerless. However, that is no problem. The most important thing for you is to ensure your safety while on a date. If you think your date is being over-friendly and passing inappropriate remarks that make you uncomfortable, it is time for you to leave. Or you can ask your friend for a helping hand. They can meet you at the date location to ensure your safety. Believe in your intuition when you feel something is not right about your date rather than ignoring it and exposing yourself to possible danger. 

Apart from keeping the above-mentioned pointers in mind, it is also crucial to be cautious while on dates. Most often, we question strangers and blindly trust the people we know. However, studies demonstrate that in most sexual assaults, victims know their perpetrators. Consequently, to ensure your safety, be attentive and wary when you go out with someone. Dating is fun, and none wants you to miss out on that joy. However, safety and care can make it even more enjoyable.