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National Offender Registry And Offender Resource Center

OffenderRadar provides every bit of information about registered sex offenders in the United States of America. To get information about the sex offenders you may search the National sex offender registry state wise, country wise or even by the city, address, Zip Code or names of the offenders at

Sex Offender registry in United states is conducted at the local level. Law enforcement in each state, territory, locality or tribe the sex offenders reside at, attend school or work in general requires them to get registered.

National Sex Offender Registry Statistics

Sex Offenders per 10,000 residents

Sexual offenders are a real threat to our society and hence safety becomes a major concern. For this reason, you may obviously wish to have a look at the country's sex offender registry.

As per our database, there are nearly 0 registered sex offenders within the United States of America. This map of sex offenders analyzes the major US states, showcasing the concentration of sex offenders per ten thousand people in each state. This, in turn, depicts the ratio of sex offenders to those of non-offenders.

As per this sex offender registry map, the state with the highest number of registered sex offenders on every 10,000 people is having around 0 sex offenders on every 10K population and the one with the lowest number is with 0 sex offenders on every 10,000 people.

Registered Sex Offenders By Gender

This pie chart is the illustration of the sex offender registry in the United States as by the gender depicting the prevalence of sexual assault and the gender of the prey on victims. We have simplified the data by categorizing the offender search data depending upon various demographics.

This pie chart gives a comprehensive overview of the genders of the sex offenders and shows that a larger percentage (0%) i.e. 0 sex offenders is inclusive of the males. On the other hand, the percentage of female sex offenders is quite low (0%) i.e. about 0 sex offenders.

Registered Sex Offenders Current Age

The problem of sex-related crime in the US in recent years has led to alarming situations. While the entire number of registered sexual offenders in the country as per our database is 0 there is a wide variation in terms of the age of the sexual offenders.

This chart presents the results of various age groups of the registered sex offenders and their number. These findings as per the sex offender registry show the current age of the registered sex offenders. The graphical illustration suggests that at present, amongst the total registered offenders the maximum are of the age group years i.e. about 0. However, the age group of years constitutes the least number of offenders with the number being 0 people.

Registered Sex Offenders' Age On Offense Date

This graph has been illustrated to help you broaden your knowledge about the RSO i.e. Registered Sex Offender population. It is a statistical representation of the ages of the sex offenders on the date when this violent victimization took place or when this sexual offense was committed by them.

Sex Offender Registry info and the Criminal records suggest a huge variation in the current age and the age of the sex offenders on the date of crime. As per this graph, the maximum number of sex offenders fall under the age group of years with around 0. people as recorded on the offense date. However, the lowest number of offenders is 0 with the age group of years.

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Resource Center

State Law Changes

Offender Radar aims to contribute in the efforts that lead to the reformation in changing state laws that related to the Sex offender registry in the United States. The changes in the state laws may sometimes create huge impact on the registration requirement. In the United States of America, the process of Sex offender registration has been existing since decades now.

Job Placement Assistance

Some of the state law enforced for the sex offenders have a tough implication on their life. Even after completing the punishment these state laws prohibit them from working or leading a normal life due to their past criminal records. This makes their life miserable and that is why OffenderRadar is making continuous efforts to help the registered sex offenders survive and live a better life by connecting them to the employment experts in order to let them find the best fit jobs for themselves.

State Registry Accountability

OffenderRadar holds the complete accountability for the data presented about the registered sex offenders here. However, in case our research team comes across any discrepancy in the data provided that seem to be misleading or misinforming, we are liable to contact the state registries for the correct data and information on sex offender registry.

Educational Materials

In order to understand and make you fully aware of what may lead to a Sex Crime, OffenderRadar issues education materials that will assist you to recognize the inappropriate behavior that may be considered as warning signs or the identifiable acts of serious sexual misconduct. Further we also advise you to speak to your children and let them know about these signs and the ways to tackle such behavior in case they come across.

Victim Assistance Contacts

Sexual assault obviously is a crime that leaves a lifelong impact on the victims with little chances of recovery. OffenderRadar is however, making efforts to help the victims of the sexual offenses so that they overcome the traumatic condition and live a better life. For this we have already started building up a network of specialists who can considerably help the victims in their recovery process.