Alan Ryan Davis

No home address was found for this Offender, OK
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Alan Ryan Davis

Important Offender Data

Status : Active

Aggravated : Y

Habitual : Y

Physical Description

DOB : 10-20-1975

Age : 43

Sex : Male

Height : 5. 07

Weight : 140

Race : White

Hair Color : Blond Or Strawberry

Eye Color : Blue

Other Physical Identifiers:
  • Tattoo - Chest Rose


Crime : Assault with Intent to Commit a Felony (if the offense involves sexual assault)

Convicted : 09-06-1994

State : Michigan

Statute : Read

County : Gratiot

Case Reference # : 94-2874

City : Ithaca

Registration Details

Orig Reg Date : 09-12-2003

End Reg Date : Lifetime

Collected From : Oklahoma State Registry

Vehicle Info

Year : 2001
Color : Red
Model : Chevrolet Camaro
Style : -
Tag State : Oklahoma
Tag Type : -
Tag : CNY 156

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Alan Ryan Davis

3517 Ellis Ave, Moore, OK 73160

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