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Understanding Child Grooming

The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) CyberTipline recorded 21.7 million suspected cases of child sexual exploitation in the year 2020. Out of the total reports received, 21.4 million of them were solely from electronic service providers. Ongoing through the cases closely, the organization found out that there was a sudden surge in online enticement among the children where someone, with the help of the internet, grooms a child intending to commit a sexual crime against... Read More

Is Social Media Leading to a Rise in Sexual Harassment Cases?

In a technologically advancing world, social media has gained immense importance in the past few years. When we talk about social media, we refer to platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and others. Being communication tools, these platforms can be utilized for various purposes like finding new and old friends, attracting new clients towards businesses, etc. In today's evolving conditions, social media unites two far-ends of the same globe. Finding people online has... Read More

How to protect your child from sexual victimization?

Child victimization refers to different forms of violence experienced by children. It can be of several forms and can lead to adverse mental as well as physical effects on their health. It includes sexual molestation among children but is not necessarily, restricted to abuse. Other forms of child victimization include sexting, grooming, and cyberbullying. Children with victimization experience in the past are more vulnerable to facing it in the future than the ones who have not encountered... Read More

Child Sexual Abuse: A Few Important Things To Know

According to the Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute, around 95% of total sexual abuse cases can be prevented by education and awareness in society. On the other hand, the National Sex Offenders Registry expects a typical pedophile to commit 117 sexual assaults throughout his life. The statistics are surprising and mind-boggling. However, there still exists a huge American population that falls behind when we talk about having relevant knowledge regarding the subject. Any... Read More

Relationship between Sexual Violence and Substance Abuse

As per various reports, sexual violence is considered one of the major global health problems affecting all sections of society. In the USA, 1.9% of women report rape or attempted rape before the age of 12 years. The threat is not just restricted to females and children but also males of different ages and races suffer from sexual violence. About 4% to 76% of males aged 18 years or younger experience sexual assault depending on the definition. Every individual reacts differently after... Read More

Are Native American Women at a Higher Risk of Getting Sexually Assaulted in the US?

Experiencing sexual violence is that dark memory that no survivor can ever obliterate from his or her mind. According to RAINN statistics, every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. It is true that sexual violence affects millions of people in America. However, the violence against indigenous women is much higher in the US.The National Institute of Justice Research Report of May 2016 suggests that more than 1.5 million American Indian and Alaska Native women have experienced violence... Read More

What is Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and How to Prevent It?

Talking about sexual violence, a victim is not only abused outside the boundaries of his/her home. On the contrary, for most people, their homes and their partners become the biggest sexual threat for them. In the US, nearly 20 people are physically assaulted by an intimate partner. In addition to that, it is surprising to note that 1 in 10 women have been raped by an intimate partner. And, in 19% of domestic violence cases, the partner uses a weapon to assault the victim.The statistics are not... Read More

Psychological Effects of Experiencing Sexual Abuse

The alarming rates of sexual violence all across the world are not just scary or sad, but also require our attention to prevent violence and harassment against different sections of society. Sexual assault is forced sexual contact with any person that can have adverse effects on the physical health of any person. However, despite surviving the violence, victims also face emotional, psychological, and mental effects on their health. As per research by the Medical University of South Carolina,... Read More

PTSD in Sexual Assault Survivors: Effective Ways to Treat the Trauma

Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome, or PTSD, develops among people who have gone through a tragic event in their life. Almost everyone goes through something traumatic at least once in their lifetime. However, people usually get better with time. In the case of people going through PTSD, the trauma continues to happen over and over again in their minds even though it has already gotten over.What is trauma? Trauma is a horrific experience that has taken place in a person's life. It differs from... Read More

How Covid 19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in sexual violence

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced Covid-19 as a global pandemic. Important measures were taken and continuous efforts were being made to control the widespread of the epidemic. Worldwide lockdowns were considered crucial to managing the outbreak of the disease. Since the spread of the novel coronavirus, there have been several changes that people have experienced. One of the most common measures apart from social distancing, hand-sanitizing, and wearing of... Read More

Ways to show support to a victim of sexual assault

According to NISVS 2010 summary report, more than 18% of women and 1.4% of men have experienced sexual assault at some point in their lives in the United States. More than 50% of the female victims reported their perpetrators as someone intimate or an acquaintance. On the other hand, precisely 52.4% of the male victims reported being raped by a known person. As a sexually assaulted person, it requires courage to come out to people and explain what happened. But when a loved one gathers... Read More